Friday, March 4, 2011

There's a first for EVERYTHING!

Hello! As the title of this entry states...there's a first time for everything. This is my first blog. I decided to start this blog after numerous people urged me to write about the crazy events that go on in my life. The title of this blog was created, with some help from friends, as a reflection of these events. When Sunday evening comes and I reflect on my weekend events, I often say... "you can't make this up." One of these events occured just yesterday at work. About a month ago I was approached by a middle aged man while I was looking at Target art. Now lets be honest, we all know that Target art is not really art, but I often find myself looking at this "art" and buying said "art" for my homestead. This man started our encounter off by wishing me a Happy New Year. This confused me a bit considering the New Year was well on it's way. Then he told me I was beautiful, which sort of made up for the crazy New Year's comment. Finally he told me that he had a gift for me. I gave him "the look." You know "the look" that are totally nuts dude and if you take one step towards me I will quickly poke your eyes out and knee you where the sun don't shine! I asked him what the gift was with as much disdain as I could muster, and he handed me a letter. I folded it up, said thank-you (my momma did raise me with some manners) put it in my pocket, and walked away. I walked to the shoe department and opened the letter. The letter was written in VERY broken english and was a marriage proposal. I laughed so hard that people were walking away from me as quickly as I walked away from the man who gave me the note. I shared the letter with many friends and we all had a great laugh about it. Some people felt bad for him, some laughed, and others figured that he was probably looking for a green card. Last night a fellow co-worker came into the classroom and asked if we could contact the security guard as there was a man outside that was approaching women and giving them letters. I instantly thought about my proposal at Target and had to go see if this was the same man. Sure enough, it WAS! The security guard quickly took a report and escorted the man off the property. This man was so desperate that he was stopping traffic to hand out these photocopied proposals. Now, I knew that when I recieved a photocopied proposal that there were other women recieving the same note but now I was seeing it with my own eyes. He also gave a student of mine a container of cheescake glaze. Yes I did say cheescake glaze! I'm not sure what this sort of gift means, maybe this is the way they do things where this man was from. I did feel a bit of jealously over this gift. Where was my cheescake glaze? Oh well, I'm over it now. I still think it's totally crazy that I saw him yet again! And yes can't make this up!


  1. you are an awesome blogger =) lol too funny

  2. WOW! I hope that he didn't go thru some "time black hole", I mean to think that our FUTURE could be this in-personal that TECHNOLOGY is so involved that the "GOOD OLD DAYS", of tokens (ring) and knee shafting are ALL OVER! What would the world be really COMING TOO? UMMM ? ? ?