Sunday, March 20, 2011

Abigail's first sleepover

Well this weekend I decided to lay low. Since I wasn't going out I asked if I could have my 3 year old niece Abigail over to spend the night. This would be her first time spending the night at my house. My other nieces stay over all the time and now that Abigail was potty trained it was her turn. Don't get me wrong... I have nothing against changing diapers, I have changed her too many times to count but we thought this might help her motivation to use the big girl potty. Last weekend I received the phone call from Abigail telling me that she now goes poop in the potty so I knew it was time. That is a message I will save for her rehearsal dinner one day!
We started off the night by going to a movie. Most people would think I was crazy for taking a 3 year old to a movie, but Abigail has always been really good at focusing on a movie from start to finish. Most kids get bored right away and go play something else, but not Abs. She sat perfectly through Rango which was not as entertaining as I had hoped. We laughed a few times but nothing side splitting. It was during the movie that I noticed that I was really the one getting taken care of. When we walked into the movie theater Abigail reminded me that we needed to be quiet or we were going to get into "big trouble." Then during the movie she started feeding me popcorn and making me take drinks of her soda. I say making because she pretty much shoved the straw down my throat so I didn't have much choice. After the movie we went to the grocery store where she picked out the food and tried to hold it all. She eventually grew tired of this and put the food in the basket, which I was thankful about. When we got back to my apartment she insisted on walking the dog and watching him poop. She informed me that she didn't need to go poop because she already went that day. It's amazing how much you talk about bowel movements when a child is potty training! Then we cooked dinner and played until bed time. Abs slept in my bed and I offered to pat her back to get her to sleep. After about a minute she wanted to return the favor, and I never turn down a back rub so I obliged. It was not long before I was asleep. I woke up a few minutes later and she was asleep herself. In the morning she woke me up by staring at me and saying "Hi Auntie, you are squishing me." Later in the morning I gave her a bath and she talked me into bathing with her where she proceeded to wash my hair compete with a rinse that just about drown me. After she dressed herself it was time to drop her back off. She gave me lots of loves and asked how long it would be until she got to stay the night again and get taken care of by me. When I left I questioned if I was really taking care of her, or if she was taking care of me :)

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